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About Driveller

Driveller is a company specialising in private door-to-door transport, offering an innovative solution for personal travel. Our user-friendly platform, accessible via the website, makes it easy for users to book their trip according to their preferences. Driveller stands out for the flexibility of its offers, offering three booking formulas adapted to the varied needs of our customers.

You have the opportunity to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience by choosing our "Travel with Stop" package. During your ride, you have the opportunity to go from an ordinary day to a positive one while exploring different cities along the way. It's an ideal option for those who want to turn their commute into a rewarding adventure.

For travelers who prefer to fly directly to their destination non-stop, Driveller offers the "Travel Direct" package. This option is designed to provide a fast and efficient journey, allowing you to reach your destination without unnecessary detours.

If you need total flexibility in your schedule, the "Book your Trip by Hour" formula is for you. You can book a dedicated driver for the duration you want, giving you complete freedom to plan your day without worrying about transportation. It is the ideal solution for business meetings, personalized sightseeing tours or simply to have a driver available for the necessary time.

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Our team of highly-trained and professional chauffeurs is committed to providing you with a safe and smooth journey. With their expertise and dedication, you can relax and enjoy your ride in ultimate comfort.

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At Driveller, we are committed to providing a reliable, safe and personalized transportation service. Our fleet of vehicles is maintained with care, and our drivers are trained professionals to ensure an enjoyable experience on every journey. Book now with Driveller to enjoy a tailor-made private trip that meets your specific needs.

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